Thoughtfully Wrapped is a new business providing a range of gift wrapping courses and was formed in August 2015 by Alan Keech.

Alan was initially taught to wrap 'properly' about 4 years ago in London by Arona Khan who is an International Gift Wrapping Expert. Prior to that Alan's gift wrapping consisted of using lots of sellotape to make sure no part of the gift 'popped out'.

Alan was then involved with a beautiful Greeting Card and Gift Store in Stratford Upon Avon which offers a Bespoke Gift Wrapping Service. Here he used these skills to imaginatively wrap all shapes and sizes of gifts for people for all occasions.

Alan was often asked why he did not offer training courses to teach local customers various wrapping techniques.

Now he does!

Why not look through some of the gallery to see the sort of effect you could create if you attended courses at Thoughtfully Wrapped.